OptiSizer size press family

Robust end-product properties with a functional sizing technology 

Valmet’s OptiSizer product family offers all application methods and all paper machine sizes available - sprayfilm and pond application and a new type of a sizer with hard nip rolls. All sizers have a robust and modular construction combined with high functionality and quality with a low total cost of ownership.

In surface sizing or size application, starch, or other types of size or pigmented size, is applied to the paper web surface to improve its strength, surface properties or water resistance. Sizing is often used to modify surface properties before coating.

High quality size or coating color supply systems and surface size preparation ensure reliable operation. Selection of premium sizing roll covers and coating roll covers for your sizer applications are also included in Valmet's offering.

Valmet’s sizers feature smart construction leading to:

  • Proven and safe solutions
  • Excellent reliability
  • Less maintenance and unexpected shutdowns
  • Clear scope of delivery
  • Flexible solution for auxiliary/optional choices
  • Easy upgrades
  • Fast delivery time including shorter installation and start-up time
  • Pre-tested units to site (core sizer, machine circulation skids, automation cabinets, tail threading)

We invite you to carry out your size application trials to Järvenpää, Finland at Paper Technology Center on the world's fastest and most modern pilot sizing and coating machine.