Recycled and Cellulose Based Textile Fibers

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Textiles are an essential part of our everyday life. The downside is that the production chain causes ecological challenges, and most textile products end up as waste. Consumers all over the world are demanding more sustainable and ethical textiles.

Toward more sustainable and circular textile production

Valmet is taking a strong role in the revolution of the textile industry. We see novel cellulose-based textiles and fiber-to-fiber textile recycling as the solution to a more sustainable and circular textile production. There are already existing technologies we can utilize – and new ones are underway. The development just needs to be accelerated.

We at Valmet have extensive experience in fiber processing, innovation and in scaling up new technologies. As our partner, you will have access to leading technology, automation and services to develop your sustainable textile fiber production.

We also offer comprehensive pilot facilities, allowing you to run tests on a set-up that mirrors your current process configuration or alternatively the one you´re looking for to set up. Read more about our pilot facilities here. 

How is pulp and paper linked with textile industry disruption?

How is pulp and paper linked with textile industry disruption?

The textile industry is on the verge of a major disruption. The sustainability challenges stemming from the environmental impacts and the social aspects of conventional textile value chains are increasingly recognized, and there are growing demands to do something about it.

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Our current projects:

Novel man-made cellulosic (MMC) fibers 

MMC fibers are regenerated fibers made mainly from the dissolved wood pulp. Viscose, lyocell, acetate and modal are all examples of man-made cellulosics. As a plant-based fiber, MMCs have the potential to be a more sustainable and renewable choice.

Our target is to develop and commercialize alternative production processes and process equipment to replace the traditional viscose process.

Valmet is delivering drying and heat recovery technology for Woodspin's, a Spinnova and Suzano joint venture, first commercial scale SPINNOVA® fibre production facility in Finland.

Valmet's press release: Valmet to supply technology for Spinnova-Suzano joint venture textile fibre factory in Finland (May 17, 2021)

Fiber-to-fiber textile recycling

Textile fibers recycling where the cellulose based textile fibers are recycled to re-usage in the textile industry is deemed to be high value textile recycling.

Valmet's target is to develop and commercialize textile recycling processes and the related process equipment.

We are delivering the main equipment for Renewcell's the textile recycling plant at Ortviken industrial site in Sweden. Renewcell is producing Circulose from pre- and post-consumer polycotton textile waste to be used in Viscose or Lyocell production.

Valmet's press release: Renewcell selects Valmet as the main equipment supplier for Sundsvall textile recycling plant in Sweden (Jan 29, 2021)

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