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Valmet’s Advanced Process Controls (APC) for Pulp

Get more out of raw materials and generate better results from your existing assets with Valmet Advanced Process Controls (APCs). Valmet’s intelligent optimizers help transform pulp mills into efficient, modern facilities that can leverage real-time data for better business and greater sustainability.

Automation plays a key role in ensuring pulps mills can adapt to resource scarcity and extract the most value out of every process loop. Through smart implementation of innovative technologies, Valmet APCs open up new paths for you to achieve greater impact.

Valmet cooking, washing, bleaching optimizers help you increase product capacity and improve quality. Through a stabilized fiberline, you also benefit from less fouling and scaling for better availability and cleanability.

On the recovery line side, Valmet evaporation, recovery boiler, causticizing and lime kiln optimizers give you advanced, intelligent control over steam flows and energy production. Reduce emissions and get the most energy out of your process with a fully optimized recovery line.

For end-to-end and specific process loops of any pulping types, Valmet APCs deliver online, real-time optimization. Combined with Valmet’s analyzer and measurement solutions,  Industrial Internet and Valmet’s services expert know-how, you can be sure to flourish in a transformed pulp industry.

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