Customer case:

Evaporation optimization increases efficiency at SCA Obbola

SCA Obbola produces packaging paper and transport packaging, largely based on fresh wood fiber. The mill has implemented the Valmet Evaporation Optimizer to increase the efficiency of the evaporation process and to generate energy savings while keeping the burning liquor dry solids high and stable.

The Advanced Process Controls have made our recovery line processes smoother and help us reduce costs of operation.
Jonas Jönsson, Process Engineer, SCA Obbola
Location Obbola, Sweden
  • Maintain dry solid percentage in burning liquor high and stable despite changes in wood supply and cooking yield
  • Improve evaporation efficiency to improve energy efficiency in recovery boiler
  • Replacing obsolete optimization solution
Solution Valmet Evaporation Optimizer, an advanced process control (APC) application

Evaporation efficiency improved by up to 8,7% resulting in a significant reduction in steam consumption.

Burning liquor dry solids deviation was cut by 50%, stabilizing the operation of the evaporation plant and recovery boiler processes. 

Keywords Advanced process control (APC), Automation, Europe

Valmet Evaporation Optimizer

Valmet Evaporation Optimizer maintains desired dry solids content profile over the evaporation train by coordinating the feed-, medium-, and strong liquor dry solids controls.

Advanced process controls (APC) for Pulp

Maximizing process performance is a critical success factor as it directly increases profitability.