Industrial textiles for the laundry industry

High-quality ironer clothing, belting and accessories

Valmet is one of the leading suppliers of textiles and accessories for feeders, flatwork ironers and folders used in the laundry industry

Most of the world’s laundry machine manufacturers are equipping their new machines with Valmet Laundry Products (earlier known as Fanafel Laundry Products). We produce needled felts for the feed belts and the covering of the rolls of all types of flatwork ironers (heated roll and heated chest). In addition, we supply laundry accessories. Our laundry textiles are manufactured in Ovar, Portugal which is the biggest tailor-made products single facility in Europe.

For any consultancy on how to choose your ironer clothing (padding), belting (ribbons) and accessories, or any other common problems, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will use our best knowledge and long experience to help you.

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History of Valmet Laundry Products


The mill activity started in 1941 as Fabrica de Feltros Alcalda, in Ovar, Portugal, manufacturing felts for the pulp and paper industry


The name is changed to FANAFEL, under the leadership of Belgian Begasse family


FANAFEL merged with Tamfelt group from Finland, an international supplier of technical textiles


FANAFEL changed its name to Tamfelt Technical Textiles, Lda.


Tamfelt Group is merged with Metso Group


The company name was changed to Metso Fabrics Portugal, Lda.


As of January 1, 2014, Metso group demerged into two independent companies: Metso Corporation and Valmet Corporation, and the name was changed to Valmet Lda. 


As of January 1, 2019, the brand name FANAFEL, is no longer used. Our product range of textiles and accessories for the laundry ironers, feeders and folders are marketed as VALMET LAUNDRY PRODUCTS