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Workshop and roll services for tissue production

Keeping your production rolling with optimal performance

How does your business sound like? Hopefully, there are no roll related vibrations, annoying production breaks or disturbing shutdowns. Valmet Workshop and Roll Services offer a winning combination of the latest roll technology and maintenance expertise. We help you eliminate unplanned shutdowns, increase the running times of rolls, improve the tissue quality and lower the roll maintenance costs in long-term.

Tissue producer

Release your full potential for better performance

Top performing production line for tissue making

Every tissue maker expects a top performing mill with optimal runnability and an output that meets the market quality and demand. Valmet Roll Services has got a vast amount of expertise to move your mill’s performance forward. The wide selection of services extends from roll maintenance to upgrading and new roll technology as well as roll covers and intelligent roll solutions.

Optimal tissue quality and production efficiency

Rolls and Yankee cylinders have an essential impact on the tissue quality and production efficiency. We can help you reach the full potential of your tissue production process with state-of-the-art roll technology, roll upgrades, and the best-fit-to-purpose roll covers. Our Yankee cylinder service provide a complete palette to support and improve your Yankee operations.
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Explore our roll cover products from interactive demo.

By exploring this roll cover application tool you can easily see different cover options for every tissue making process.

High operating speed in tissue machines requires condition based roll maintenance

The condition-based maintenance services enable planning maintenance actions based on the actual condition of your equipment. Customers can see a significant reduction in maintenance costs as root causes of faults can been identified and maintenance of rolls will be optimized leading to extended roll lifetimes and optimized maintenance intervals. Our Modular Maintenance Services consist of maintenance, reconditioning and upgrade services which allow you to build just the right combination of services for your mill. Read more about Intelligent Roll Solutions and Valmet DNA Machine Monitoring.
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Roll Service Agreement - systematic approach to improve performance

The goal of roll service agreement is to ensure that customers can meet and exceed the requirements set for their operations. Valmet helps tissue makers to maintain high levels of equipment operations, improve efficiency, and give all-round cost-control of their roll maintenance spend. With the help of roll services and upgrades, roll data management, intelligent roll solutions, continuous improvement, condition monitoring, industrial internet applications as well as audits and shutdown support, the performance of rolls can be raised to a completely new level.
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Close to you through roll service centers around the world

Our global network of roll service centers is available in over 25 locations around the world. In addition to that, there are Valmet's process industry professionals in over 120 locations worldwide and Valmet network of experts available with quick response time remotely. To reap the best benefits from these experts, you can get them as a part of your team through a roll service agreement.
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