Technologies automation and flow control for chemical industries

Optimized solutions for the chemical industry's complex challenges

Valmet provides reliable, proven solutions to meet the demanding conditions and stringent safety requirements of the chemical industry. Our offering includes automation and flow control solutions for companies that work with liquids, gases, vapors, powders and slurries. With our expertise, we can help you improve your process efficiency and safety, even with hazardous chemicals and in the most extreme conditions.

For the most demanding conditions

Safe operation

Reliable performance

Life cycle support

Safe chemical handling

Different chemicals and chemical processes can have very different requirements, each bringing their own challenges and risks. That’s why Valmet offers both standard and application-specific valve technologies for use in the chemical industry, as well as intelligent valve controllers, actuators and valve automation. For particularly challenging applications, we will work together with you to meet your specific needs. We can provide valve solutions that will withstand everything from high temperatures and pressures to cryogenic conditions, as well as the challenges presented by abrasive, corrosive and sticky compounds. 

Safe process operation

Since chemical plants often use hazardous chemicals that may be toxic, volatile, flammable or explosive, it’s vital that operators have a clear view of what’s going on, with precise control of each process. 

Valmet’s automation solutions give you the transparency and control you need. Valmet DNA is a highly integrated automation system that gives you safe, centralized control of all your process automation, including built-in condition monitoring. Valmet DNA is well-known for being user friendly and it’s in use at chemical plants around the world.

Comprehensive service and support

Valmet supports chemical industry customers with long-term customer support, expert problem-solving and a broad range of services through global, local and remote service teams. If you have a challenging project, get in touch because we pride ourselves on meeting even the toughest performance expectations.