Our solutions for board and paper grades

Move your board and paper business forward with Valmet's solutions

Valmet's portfolio for paper and board production technologies is as diverse as your customers' global business. Valmet has the solutions for you to create paper and board products that stand-out in the competition.

Innovative technologies and cost-efficient production for all paper grades

Our customers create products that impress, protect, deliver a message, wrap, are printed and finally, are recycled. We help our customers to do this sustainably and efficiently, with the highest possible performance. 

Our expertise is rooted in experience. We’re proud to say that we have been co-operating with our customers in more than 700 board machine and 900 paper machine deliveries worldwide. Working closely together with papermakers has given valuable knowledge that is seen in our innovative paper machine and automation solutions enabling our customers to reach their targets, whether it is more cost-efficient production or improved end product convertability or printability. 

Our offering includes everything you need when producing different board or paper grades cost-efficiently. We cover the entire life cycle of processes: new installationsrebuilds and services as well as automation solutions to guarantee that your paper machine runs smoothly, energy-efficiently and uses raw materials economically while being safe to use.