Technologies for printing papers

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Paper conveys facts, emotions, and stories. Whether it is magazine, newspaper, catalog, book, direct mail, corporate collateral or retail inserts papermakers are committed to providing insightful solutions that help drive improved customer efficiency, productivity, brand awareness, and business results. Valmet is a reliable partner for papermakers who work hard to innovate paper products that truly meet the changing needs of the user and the market.

Innovative paper making technologies for quality, cost savings, and high-speed production 


Consistent quality provides that crisp clean blue-white shade and exceptionally smooth surface that means razor-sharp images and colors that pop. We also understand you need jam-free runnability with reduced paper dust contamination and printability for the highest productivity to meet the tough standards set by Xerox, HP, Kodak, Canon and other OEMs.

Cost-effective production means that paper buyers can choose a lower weight paper without losing the feeling of quality while providing cost savings for papermakers. Valmet is committed to helping papermakers to constantly improve the resource efficiency of their mills and processes. By creating technologies that use less water and energy than ever before we make sure your paper meets even the most demanding sustainability requirements.


Papermaking technologies that make the difference


Energy-efficient refining and the stability of the wet end processes set the ground for creating products that meet the targets set. Formation and the fundamental structure of the paper are created in the forming section and headbox and shoe blade technology in forming enables to gain the paper quality needed in a wide basis weight range. Effective but bulk preserving shoe pressing enables the runnability in the dryer section at high speeds for maximal production efficiency and production volumes. Various surface treatments such as sizing, calendering and coating create that premium appearance that is appreciated by advertisers and offers readers the best possible viewing experience. Reliable and high-capacity winding is important in efficient papermaking. The best tool for verifying that you truly reach process and end product quality goals is Valmet IQ quality management solution. 

Our offering for papermakers includes everything you need when producing paper cost-efficiently. We cover the entire life cycle of processes: new installationsrebuilds and services as well as automation solutions to guarantee that your paper machine runs smoothly, energy-efficiently and uses raw materials economically while being safe to use.

Valmet Technology Centers offer excellent piloting services to find the optimal concept and technological solution for your needs.