Technologies and machinery for containerboard production

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The market for recycled containerboards has good prospects, especially due to its sustainability as a packaging material: it is renewable and recyclable. At the same time, the requirements for containerboard quality have increased. Valmet is your right partner for efficient and sustainable containerboard production. We can offer right scale solutions from new installations and ambitious rebuilds as well as grade conversions to automation systems and production line services.

Produce high-quality containerboard packaging material with low operating costs with Valmet's machinery


Containerboard production needs to deliver high efficiency and advantages in sustainability. Producing packaging grades with low basis weight and while at the same time maintaining high strength properties is always a challenge for board makers. Together with Valmet experts and the right solutions you can tackle this challenge. As our customers have stated, Valmet can deliver solutions that produce lightweight papers at high speed and especially with very good stability. We can provide production lines featuring good runnability, stability, and controllability combined with low operating costs.

Valmet’s philosophy is to understand containerboard making as an integrated process from furnish preparation to the roll wrapping. The most efficient containerboard making lines around the world:

  • operate cost and energy-efficiently
  • produce high-quality board from a variety of raw materials at the lowest possible total investment
  • ensure high margins and good profitability
  • create differentiation and a competitive edge for their products


Several customers have selected Valmet as a partner for containerboard technologies


Around 40% of all board produced in the world is made by Valmet machinery. Our customers run world-class energy-efficient production lines, exploiting the market’s latest innovations for lightweight but strong containerboard making.

Our offering for containerboard producers includes new installationsrebuilds, and services as well as automation solutions to guarantee that your paper machine runs smoothly, energy-efficiently and uses raw materials economically while being safe to use. 

Valmet Technology Centers offer excellent piloting services to find the optimal concept and technological solution for your needs.

Join us for a virtual reference visit at Palm Aalen PM5 - world's widest and very high-capacity containerboard making line

Dr. Wolfgang Palm, Managing Director and Owner, and Stephan Gruber, Managing Director, CTO, Papierfabrik Palm present a virtual reference visit to Papierfabrik Palm Aalen-Neukochen PM5: world's widest and very high-capacity containerboard making line with extensive services and mill-wide automation.

In this video Mr. Palm and Gruber discuss, amongts other things, about the technological solutions selected from PM5 and about the extensive pilot trials done to ensure the containboard line meets the production and quality demans set for it.