Filter fabrics for pulp, fiber and paper industries

Valmet is the leading developer and supplier of filter fabrics for mechanical pulping and recausticizing processes. Our wide offering spans from filter fabrics for white and green liquors to filter fabrics for lime mud and dregs.

Increased recausticizing efficiency

Recausticizing processes in the chemical pulping industry require a wide range of filters. The quality of filtrated white liquor, green liquor and lime mud depends greatly on the ability of the filter fabrics to effectively filter and recover cooking chemicals for further processing. Today, Valmet is the only manufacturer that offers the full range of filter fabrics required in recovering cooking chemicals.

Always tailor-made and manufactured with the sharpest execution for perfect fit, Valmet recausticizing filter fabrics provide high capacity, clear filtration and low moisture levels.

Disc filters for mechanical pulping 

When fiber is being mechanically processed, disc filter fabrics and bags play a key role in increasing filter capacity and reaching high pulping consistency. Valmet’s disc filter fabrics provide the perfect fit, easy installations and long lifetime for highly reliable operation even in the most demanding applications.

Discover the art of filtration


Recausticizing filter fabrics on top of the game

Recausticizing filter fabrics on top of the game

Innovative filter fabrics are the result of demand in the pulp industry. When a pulp mill customer invests in recausticizing equipment, Valmet’s filter fabrics are most probably doing the dirty work.

Valmet, a reference in the Biodryer belt market

Valmet, a reference in the Biodryer belt market

A few years ago, Valmet decided to combine its expertise in biodryer manufacturing with its industrial fabric experience and started producing biodryer belts.