Filter fabrics for the pulp and paper industry

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Valmet is the leading developer and supplier of filter fabrics for mechanical pulping and the recausticizing processes. Our wide offering spans from filter fabrics for each stage in the recausticizing process to shrink fabrics for bleach and brown stock washer drums and heavy duty wires for double wire presses. We also offer comprehensive disc filter service including disc filter coverings, spare parts, shrinking and installation.

High capacity

Clear filtration

Low moisture level

Increased recausticizing efficiency

Recausticizing processes in the chemical pulping industry require a wide range of filters. The quality of filtrated white liquor, green liquor and lime mud depends greatly on the ability of the filter fabrics to effectively filter and recover cooking chemicals for further processing. Today, Valmet is the only manufacturer that offers the full range of filter fabrics required in recovering cooking chemicals.

Always tailor-made and manufactured with the sharpest execution for perfect fit, Valmet recausticizing filter fabrics provide high capacity, clear filtration and low moisture levels.

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Enhance the performance of disc filters 

No matter if in stock preparation, recycled fiber process, mechanical or chemical pulping, Valmet Disc Filter Bags and Coverings play a key role in increasing filter capacity and reaching high pulping consistency. Valmet’s disc filter fabrics provide the perfect fit, easy installations and long lifetime for highly reliable operation even in the most demanding applications.

Shrink fabrics for bleach and brown stock washer drums

Valmet Shrink Fabrics have an exeptional high shrink force, a low profile and a very strong woven loop seam. All these features contribute to a long fabric lifetime. The fabrics have a unique satin weave with a dense cake side and open drum side providing good clarity of the filtrate and a high dry content. 

Heavy duty wires for heavy duty challenges

Valmet has a comprehensive offering of wires and belts for double wire presses, belt dryers and Chemiwashers. Our dewatering wires offer a trouble-free start-up, long lifetime thanks to excellent stability and wear-resistant designs, optimum drainage and operational reliability. Valmet Dryer Belts for belt dryers, in turn, ensure that the end material is highly dry, as well as easy to maintain and handle. Energy and maintenance savings can clearly be recognized. 

Valmet disc filter service (in NA)

Includes, but is not limited to, removing sectors from the filter, stripping off the old cover, power washing, installing new covers, new gaskets and installing the freshly covered sectors back in the filter.
We are also available to inspect, repair and align the knock-off, sluice and wash showers.

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