Automation and flow control for the gas processing industry

Efficient solutions for maximized performance in gas processing


Valmet has extensive experience in providing valves and automation for the gas processing industry. We engineer solutions that help our customers to provide pipeline quality gas and operate profitably, while complying with the industry’s strict safety and environmental regulations.

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Safe, reliable flow control for gas processing

The gas processing industry relies on complex and technically demanding processes to safely extract, liquify and transport natural gas. These include the extreme cooling and compression needed to convert the natural gas into LNG, which involve high pressure differentials and cryogenic temperatures. The valve solutions in use have to operate dependably and ensure safe, reliable shut off and control.

Our offering includes a comprehensive line of Neles™ flow control solutions that deliver excellent, long-lasting seat tightness, and perform reliably in cryogenic, low-temperature, high pressure and ambient applications, such as gas-to-liquid processes. Our solutions include valve controllers, on-off valves, emergency shutdown valves and control valves, as well as modular, engineered valves such as actuated on-off, safety and control valves, and valves for blowdown and dryer sequencing. 

Automation for the entire gas supply chain

Handling, transporting and distributing LNG and other fuel gasses always carries inherent risk. This means that accurate monitoring and control, with full process visibility, is essential. 

Valmet offers proven automation solutions that are integrated into Valmet DNA, which been specifically developed for the gas processing industry. With Valmet DNA, companies can ensure safe and dependable automation, control and monitoring of applications like compression stations, filling stations and pipelines, as well as biogas production facilities. Safety and performance-optimizing solutions, like anti-surge control and load sharing can also be integrated into the Valmet DNA automation system.

Services for the best uptime and performance

With Valmet, you get a team of reliable partners and long-term customer support. We offer a broad range of services to help you with everything from environmental compliance to even the most complicated gas processing challenges, like reducing fugitive emissions, noise and vibration, and cavitation.