Ask the expert: Why are valves important in industrial gas processing?

Can you explain the importance of valves in industrial gas processing? 

Gases like hydrogen, helium and oxygen are in higher demand than ever before. This means the equipment used in these units and applications must maintain its reliability and provide longevity within the process. Numerous parts of a plant rely heavily on the production of these specific gases, and a single valve failure can become an extremely costly issue. If maintenance is not properly addressed, unnecessary production downtime may lead to extreme downstream losses. It has been one of Valmet’s core values and solutions to provide products and valve assemblies that extend the maintenance intervals and overall life of these units.

How can Valmet’s flow control solutions help improve reliability and productivity in industrial gas processes?

We take pride in understanding the vast challenges of cyclic services, extreme temperature changes and the other severe processes that our products will face. Through decades of collaboration with our industrial gas customers, we have been able to maintain our place as a market leader in the industrial gas sector. Our relationships with our customers allow us to update, innovate and provide solutions for some of the tougher applications that our customers experience. With these applications becoming more crucial to operations, we must continue to work and grow with our customers as the needs of the industry continue to change. Aside from product development and continued innovation, another major focus for us in Valmet is to ensure that maintenance remains a crucial part of our supplied solutions. With prolonged reliability and added productivity, improved assembly constructions, components and even onboard diagnostic hardware allow our customers to feel comfortable. Our process specific assembly constructions, engineered components and even our onboard diagnostic hardware provide reliability and added productivity, allowing our customers to feel comfortable in their solution selection.

What kind of valve solutions do you have in your flow control offering for the industrial gas industry?

Valmet offers application- and process-specific flow control solutions for the industrial gas market. From Pressure Swing Adsorption beds to Cryogenic Air Separation units, we have engineered products that can withstand the most demanding conditions. Our core product offering for industrial gas consists of Neles triple-offset LG/LW and Jamesbury Wafer-Sphere 800 series butterfly valves paired with our latest released intelligent valve controller, Neles NDX 2.0. We also offer a wide range of ball and control valves that have been designed to handle severe services. In addition, our specifically engineered globe valve trims have also helped our customer’s combat the severe nature of industrial gas processes. Whether the obstacles are cryogenic temperatures, high cycle applications or anything in between, our extensive flow control offering and decades of experience in the industrial gas business sets us apart as a reliable flow control solution partner.

Text by Joshua Ruiz

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