Jamesbury™ Wafer-Sphere™ butterfly valve, series 800

Wafer-Sphere resilient seated butterfly valve

Jamesbury Wafer-Sphere high-performance butterfly valves combine unique off-center disc, proprietary seat design and Xtreme™ sealing technology. Tight, long-lasting sealing, and yet light and low-cost design makes it a good alternative to gate valves and other heavier rotary-type designs.

Very long service life

Bubble tight shut off

Low fugitive emissions


  • Driveshaft with trunnion (Model D only) or through shaft
  • High flow capacity design (Model D)
  • Robust engineering design
  • Flexible lip seat technology
  • Low emissions stem seal technology
  • Fire-tested & cryogenic designs
  • High cycle options
  • High quality


Series 800 series (Model D) 800 series
Size range 3" - 12" (excluding 5") 2 ½” – 60”
Design Wafer, lug and double flanged Wafer or lug
Maximum temperature +260 °C / +500 °F +260 °C / +500 °F
Pressure rating ASME Class 150 - 300/ PN 10 - 40 ASME Class 150, 300 & 600
Materials Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Monel Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Monel, Hastelloy C

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