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Valmet Baling Line offers the most sophisticated technology of its kind in the world for baling operations – complete baling line solutions with an optimized combination of highly reliable machines, sophisticated control system and heavy-duty conveyors to match each customer’s specific line requirements. Our well-proven technology provides a combination of high capacity and high availability that meets exacting demands for reliability and productivity. Valmet's baling machines have a peak capacity of up to 300 bales per hour. This in combination with proven high availability guarantees world-leading production rates.

The installation is devided into safety zones. If anyone enters a safety zone, all power sources are interrupted which ensures highest possible safety levels for all employees.

Each individual bale, bale set and bale unit is tracked throughout the line. Using absolute bale position tracking to ensure exceptionally reliable key data on production and quality, the system enhances efficiency, logistics and quality management.

Our machines are delivered as ready-to-use units designed for fast installation and start-up. Efficient everyday operation is ensured by the superior control system, featureing PLC control equipment, which is operated and monitored via a touch-screen with an easy-to-use graphic interface.

All units are operator-controlled via a user-friendly touch screen panel, featuring a user interface with simple guidance for fast and easy operations and maximized production uptime. Machine status, failure indication and auto start possibilities are available for each main machine.


Valmet Bale Quality System

The Bale quality system (BQS) is a supervisory tool designed to keep track of production data and quality parameters for bale handling. BQS is a unique system that tracks each individual bale, bale set and bale unit throughout the production line. The system uses absolute bale position tracking to ensure exceptional reliability of key data. 

Remote support 24/7

Typically, our customers utilize the services of a Performance Center after new machine installations, rebuilds or through continuous service agreements. By using Valmet’s experts for problem-solving and process development, you can better allocate your own mill’s or plant’s resources for running the daily operations. 

Services from Valmet Performance Centers:
  • Industrial Internet applications as a service
  • On-demand expert support
  • Remote monitoring and optimization

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Our expertise is at your service

We at Valmet are committed to moving our customers performance forward and ensure smooth, disruption-free operation, supporting you all the way.