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Slab press

The Valmet slab press is a well-proven and world-leading bale-forming machine for flash dried pulp.

Well-proven bale forming solution

As part of a RoboBaling line, it offers efficient operation, high availability and high capacity in producing bales that meet the highest levels of consistency for shape, weight and density.

Key benefits

  • Well-proven bale forming solution
  • Uniform bales and bale units
  • Consistent bale weight and high bale density
  • Minimum dust problems
Maintenance and shutdown management For Slab presses

Valve V5

Efforts to achieve good machine service life and to use modern components have resulted in the replacement of a number of pumps and valves by new products, among them the Exchange valve V5 for PFC presses.

PFC Tension Bars

To extend the frame’s service life, Valmet has produced a reinforcement kit that can be installed on existing presses.

Press Stamp and Mould Kit

Separately exchangeable cylinder tube design and modernized press moulds.

PAM/PFC Main Pump

New main pumps for slab and bale presses.

Bale/Slab Press Hose Upgrade

Rebuild kit for the replacement of thick-walled piping with hydraulic hoses.

Bale/Slab Press Hydraulic Unit Upgrade

Higher capcity and reliability.


Process support and optimization for Slab/bale press

PFE/PR-15 Capacity Kit

Hydraulic expertise combined with new pump technic and programming.

Slab Press Audit

To ensure maximum utilization of the installed machinery


Slab press - Process and automation upgrades

Slab Press Infeed Optimization

Increased production, reduce the occurrence of plugs.

Slab Press Infeed Motor

Increase your Slab press capacity with up to 20%.