Slab press

The Valmet Slab Press is a well-proven and world-leading bale-forming machine for flash dried pulp.

Well-proven bale forming solution

As part of a Valmet Baling line, it offers efficient operation, high availability and high capacity in producing bales that meet the highest levels of consistency for shape, weight and density.

Key benefits

  • Well-proven bale forming solution
  • Uniform bales and bale units
  • Consistent bale weight and high bale density
  • Minimum dust problems


Slab press - Process and automation upgrades

Slab Press Infeed Optimization

Increased production, reduce the occurrence of plugs.

Slab Press Infeed Motor

Increase your Slab press capacity with up to 20%.

Valve V5

Valve V5 has separate purification filters that protect the nozzles and can be exchanged without having to disassemble the valve.

PFC Tension Bars

To extend the frame’s service life, Valmet has produced a reinforcement kit that can be installed on existing presses.

Press Stamp and Mould Kit

Separately exchangeable cylinder tube design and modernized press moulds.

PAM/PFC Main Pump

New main pumps for slab and bale presses.

Bale/Slab Press Hose Upgrade

Rebuild kit for the replacement of thick-walled piping with hydraulic hoses.

Bale/Slab Press Hydraulic Unit Upgrade

Higher capcity and reliability.


Bale/Slab press - Process support and optimization

PFE/PR-15 Capacity Kit

Hydraulic expertise combined with new pump technic and programming.

Slab Press Audit

To ensure maximum utilization of the installed machinery


Bale/Slab press - Spare parts and components

Spare part service kits for Baling

Further value to the Shutdown planning.