Valmet Baling Simulator

Realistic training optimizes baling line start-up and operation

Baling simulator

The Baling simulator is an effective training tool for Valmet baling line operators. As part of Valmet’s integrated training package this highly realistic simulator plays a vital role in ensuring successful baling line start-ups and efficient longterm operation.

Saves time on operator training

Faster line start-up

Efficient operation from the start

Fewer operator errors

Rapid and effective response to alarms

Maximized uptime

Effective and realistic operator training

Well-trained operators run baling lines more efficiently and profitably, make fewer errors and respond more rapidly and effectively to unexpected situations. Using the Baling simulator before a start-up gives operators the preparation and knowledge they need to manage baling machines and conveyors confidently and efficiently – knowledge that brings considerable benefits such as faster start-up, optimized operation and maximized uptime. The simulator is designed to reflect reality as accurately as possible in terms of production and operability.

An integrated training system

The baling simulator is part of Valmet’s simulator family for training, testing and troubleshooting that covers every aspect of the pulping process. The simulator is a proven solution in successful commissioning with considerably shortened start-up times. A combination of training simulator sessions, highly experienced classroom instructors, Interactive Multimedia Training and accurate operating instructions give operators the extensive and in-depth expertise they need, not only to manage lines effectively, but also to train other operators, providing smooth train-the-trainer continuity for the baling line. 

A complete package

The Baling simulator is supplied as a complete “ready to run” package including computer hardware, system software, application software and manuals. Valmet can provide rapid support after start-up via a customersupplied Virtual Private Network (IPN) link.


Main functions

Using the simulator gives operators essential training on overall baling line operation, touch screens and alarms from machines and conveyors. It also provides valuable training on responding to production disturbances that can arise. The simulator is configured according to the layout of your actual baling line(s). The PLCs on the conveyors and machines are simulated, providing a realistic flow of status data.

The operator can study individual bale movements along the line from an overview display via the graphical user interface and bring up human-machine interfaces (HMIs) for the control of each machine. An insight on specific machines is available from a range of short movies showing baling machines in operation. Many different alarms can be generated at random intervals on each machine, which trains the operator in how to handle alarms, correct faults, reset alarms and restart the baling line. Safety alarms can also be generated to stop several machines and conveyors. A question feature can be activated to test the operator’s knowledge of possible alarm causes.

The system also provides links to an Interactive Multimedia Training manual for accessing further information on aspects such as local panels and alarms.

Our expertise is at your service

Our expertise is at your service

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