Valmet Baling Simulator

Realistic training optimizes baling line start-up and operation

The Valmet Baling Simulator is an effective training tool for Valmet baling line operators. As part of Valmet’s integrated training package this highly realistic simulator plays a vital role in ensuring successful baling line start-ups and efficient long-term operation.

Effective and realistic operator training

Well-trained operators run baling lines more efficiently and profitably, make fewer errors and respond more rapidly and effectively to unexpected situations.

Using the Baling simulator before a baling line starts up provides operators with the preparation and knowledge they need to manage baling machines and conveyors confidently and efficiently – knowledge that brings considerable benefits such as faster start-up, optimized operation and maximized uptime.

The Baling simulator package consists of a simulator engine that generates bales and moves them downstream along the line, a graphical user interface, which provides an accurate line overview, and a control/configuration tool for operating individual machines. The simulator is designed to reflect reality as accurately as possible in terms of production and operability.

  • Save time on operator training
  • Faster line start-up
  • Efficient operation from the start
  • Fewer operator errors
  • Rapid and effective response to alarms
  • Maximized uptime