Valmet Wire Tyre

Simple and safe wire handling for single bale and bale stack wire tying

Wire tyre

Valmet Wire Tyer is a tying machine that automatically applies high-tensile steel wire around pulp bales at pre-selected positions. Each wire is tied at the bottom of the bale by a double-twisted knot. This fully-automatic tying machine, consisting of a tying unit and conveying unit, is used in combination with a specially developed wire cage to ensure a safe and reliable system for bale wire application that can process up to 300 bales/h.

Efficient, fully automatic process

Simple and safe wire handling

Easy maintenance improves availability

"Big bales" handling

Simple wire handling

The wire feeding system is operated by an electric servo motor, resulting in exact and gentle wire feeding. Parameters for acceleration, retardation, speed, wire tension and twisting can be adjusted from the machine’s HMI. The wire-feeding mechanism allows safe wire handling by the operator, for instance when refilling the wire.

Efficient maintenance routines  

The tying unit can be easily pulled out from the conveyor unit using a pallet truck for efficient cleaning and service, or for replacement of wear parts situated in the well-proven, patented Twisting unit. This low-weight unit can be easily replaced by an overhauled spare. A trained person can make the exchange in a few minutes. All the machine’s service points are easily accessible. 

Our expertise is at your service

Our expertise is at your service

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