Wire Tyer

Valmet Wire Tyer is a tying machine that automatically applies high-tensile steel wire around pulp bales at pre-selected positions.

Simple and safe wire handling

Each wire is tied at the bottom of the bale by a double-twisted knot.

Automatic process

This fully-automatic tying machine, consisting of a tying unit and conveying unit, is used in combination with a specially developed wire cage to ensure a safe and reliable system for bale wire application that can process up to 300 bales/h.

Key benefits

  • Efficient, fully automatic process
  • Simple and safe wire handling
  • Easy maintenance improves availability
  • “big bales” handling
Tying machine - Process and automation upgrades

Wire Tightening Optimization

Large amount of stress is created in the wires when the bale springs back due to tension released in the bale. The internal tension is created in the bale during the pressing operation. This effect can cause safety issues – especially in the de-wiring process.

Integrated Wire Straightener

Valmet internal wire straightener that improves the wire positioning when applying to bale/unit/stack on Valmet Wire Tyers delivered year 2000 and forward.

Upgrade Kit BBA/BBC

Valmet offers a number of upgrade packages for tying and binding machines.

Upgrade Kit BBE

Valmet offers a number of upgrade packages that ensure more reliable operation of the Robotyer BBE.

Wire Dimension Rebuild

Complete kit for tying with wire of reduced dimension.

Feeding Wheel Upgrade

Improves accessibility for cleaning and reduces service costs.

Wire Groove Cleaning

Improves the feeder wheel function.


Tying Machine - Spare parts and components

Cutting arm with replacable cutting edge

Prolongs the service life by at least four times.