Automation for Gas Processing

Maintaining a reliable and optimal result

Valmet DNA DCS Automation for gas processing

With fluctuating compositions and gas supplies, regulations and restrictions, and safety being number one, gas processing is extremely complex. A lot of these processes require reliable functioning and that is where our automation jumps in.




Fluctuating gas supply and composition

The composition and availability of natural gas can vary significantly from one source to another. This requires gas processing plants to be flexible and capable of handling different gas compositions. Transportation of the natural gas through pipeline networks requires that the quality of the natural gas has not changed. Changes in gas supply and composition can impact plant efficiency, product quality, and overall process performance.  

Valmet's automation system is capable of delivering steady results, even with the uncertainty of the source. Our measurement systems can be integrated easily into the system to get the most out of your process.

Technological advancements and process optimization

Gas processing facilities must continuously adopt and integrate new technologies to improve efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and enhance product quality. Process optimization is essential to maximize production yields, minimize losses, and ensure the overall economic viability of the operations.

Using automation is one way of ensuring that your plant stays technologically up-to-date. Our outstanding service will help you through upgrade steps, ensure your systems stay online and offer your system the upgrades it needs to stay ahead of the game and optimized for years to come.

Safety and risk management

Gas processing facilities handle flammable and potentially hazardous materials, necessitating strict safety protocols. Preventing accidents, ensuring the integrity of equipment and pipelines, and managing operational risks is crucial for worker safety, environmental protection, and plant reliability. Robust safety systems, regular inspections, and employee training are essential to address these challenges.

Our systems can be integrated in such a way that the alarm bells will ring before the problems arise. Automation can prevent accidents and decrease risk by providing reliable data to the plant staff.

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