Modularized power plants

Modularized power plant

Valmet’s modularized BioPower power plants are based on proven combustion technology combined with factory manufactured and tested modules. Manufacturing the modules in the factory enables faster project implementation, shorter site time and completion with better quality and lower implementation risks.

Optimized to your specific and local requirements

High fuel flexibility

mitigates fuel market risks

Wide delivery scope

ranges from complete process delivery to full EPC power plant

A complete operation and maintenance agreement

guarantees professional long-term plant operation

Solutions to your specific needs

High fuel flexibility, innovative technology, and serviceability play key roles in BioPower solutions. Use of local renewable biomass fuels ensure reliable and sustainable energy supply and creates jobs locally.

Waste is becoming an increasingly important fuel source in the market. In addition to using biomass as fuel, the modular power plants are also available for combusting sorted waste. We trust that the circular economy route is the way to go. Recycling the valuables and combusting RDF/SRF classified waste fractions optimizes the energy yield from the fuel.

Benefits of modularized solutions

  • Minimized number of interfaces within the delivery
  • Fast, low-cost engineering
  • A clearly defined scope
  • Fast project implementation and less site work
  • Proven technology with low emissions
  • Minimized delay risks
  • Pre-designed factory tested modules
  • Attractive price
  • Multi-unit delivery capability
Plant type Combustion
electrical output
heat output
BioPower 7 BFB 7.3 17
BioPower 9 BFB 10.2 22
BioPower 11 BFB or CFB 13.2 29
BioPower 15 BFB or CFB 16.0 34

Strong references

By Valmet taking full responsibility over the process or the EPC delivery, we help you to ensure bankability as there are no unclear interfaces within the supply. With a seamless delivery and clear off-take and fuel supply contracts, you will be able to build a solid basis for your plant and its profitability.

Over the years we have completed close to 30 plants in Europe ranging from Finland to Croatia and from Belarus to Ireland.

Our modularized power plants are based on bubbling fluidized bed (BFB) or circulating fluidized bed (CFB) technology.