FTC offers a wide range of lab tests and analyses. Our personnel have a thorough knowledge of analyses and our analytical instruments are well suited for the purpose.

Lab and process – we understand the whole operation

FTC has well equipped analytical laboratories to support research and development. But there is more to us than a competitive analysis center. FTC is part of Valmet, which means a natural link between analysis and process. We have an extensive knowledge of processes and the ability to perceive their value to industry.

Physical characterization

Wood and biomass are feeding materials and an important factor for the end result. FTC offers a wide range of standard analysis methods as well as special methods developed in-house. We can also provide analyses of morphological properties of fibers, strength properties and optical properties of the pulp.

Chemical characterization

FTC performs chemical analyses of raw materials, products and process liquors. We carry out a wide range of chemical analyses, such as analysis of carbohydrate composition, lignin, hexenuronic acid and metal ion content. Whether your objective is to improve an existing process or develop a new one, you are most welcome to contact us.

Our expertise is at your service

Our expertise is at your service

Our focus is to bring your performance forward utilizing our extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of pulp process technology. Get in touch with our experts through your local Valmet office, or the link below.

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