Flow control for gas processing

Improving reliability and productivity of your process

Gas processing is complicated. Not only are the environmental regulations continuously getting stricter, flow control technology is already exceptionally complex. That’s where we can help. Valmet offers reliable flow control and environmentally compliant valves for all types of gas processing plants.

Decades of experience in the gas processing industry

Demanding product tests secure maximum process reliability, throughput and uptime


Reliable flow control and services for gas processing

Are you struggling to keep your gas processing plant startup on schedule? If your plant is already running, are you reaching your production and economic goals?

For years, we’ve been engineering valves and flow control solutions to help future-proof your gas processing plant for profitable operation. This includes support with environmental compliance, reducing fugitive emissions, noise and vibration and eliminating cavitation. We help you solve gas processing challenges by offering a comprehensive line of reliable and environmentally compliant valves. Proper valves enable you to achieve safe and reliable gas processing.

We’ll show you how to maximize uptime and minimize total cost of ownership that offers you peace of mind.

What it takes to master complex flow control

Valmet offers reliable and environmentally compliant valves for all types of gas processing plants. Our comprehensive line of valves is based on over a half century of deep application experience which includes purification, dehydration, fractionation, liquefaction, on-shore and floating LNG tanks, and loading.

Thanks to excellent, long-lasting seat tightness, our valves perform in cryogenic, low-temperature and ambient applications. They’re also built to withstand the challenging conditions in a gas-to-liquid process, where high temperatures, high pressure differentials and impurities are present. We offer a wide variety of modular, engineered valves such as actuated on-off, safety and control valves for applications such as shutdown, blowdown, dryer sequencing and flow control. And we work with you from the start to size and select the right mix of valve solutions for a lifetime of uncompromising performance.

Reaching the best uptime performance

When you choose Valmet as your partner, you’ve chosen proven success. We understand that the difference between profitability and losses is as simple as keeping your gas processing plant up and running at its highest capacity. That’s our focus.

Our long experience and dedication to delivering results guarantee you the highest degree of safety, reliability and cost effectiveness for your gas processing business. And we’ll stay with you over the entire life cycle of your plant to continue to improve and enhance your output and profitability.

With us, you get a team of reliable partners and a wide scope of reliable solutions. We offer long-term customer support, determined problem-solving and a broad range of services to help you with even the most complicated gas processing challenges, because for us, every detail matters.