Control valves

The right control valve makes all the difference

Control valves are the most important part of any process control loop, vital in stabilizing processes. Neles™ control valves are engineered, manufactured, tested and optimized for your specific application. Our flow control solutions offer reliability, productivity, and sustainability, allowing you to maximize your output and profitability.

Control valve selection

The right control valve selection is based on an understanding of the industry, process and application it will be used in. Their role is to ensure accurate, repeatable and reliable long-lasting flow control performance. We at Valmet understand the conditions under which industrial valves must perform, and help our customers select the right valve for the job.

Control valve product offering

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Control valves for industrial applications

General service and economical performance

Neles offers a wide range of linear and rotary valves suited to general service in a wide range of industries. Our globe valves are considered an excellent choice for general and high differential pressure applications. They are great for clean flow media and known for their ability to resist noise and cavitation. For fibrous or dirty flow media, such as those often found at pulp mills, our segment valves offer high-capacity performance, often at lower nominal valve sizes. This makes them an economical and reliable valve choice.

Bigger sizes and demanding applications

Our butterfly valves are an attractive choice when looking for an economical, lightweight control valve in larger sizes. They typically offer a high flow capacity and lower fugitive emissions. For more demanding applications, such as those found in many refineries or petrochemical plants, we recommend our eccentric rotary plug valves due to their excellent ability to handle dirty fluids with particulates.

Rough and rugged reliability

For some especially rough applications with both high-pressure and high-capacity requirements, our heavy-duty ball valves can deliver the needed performance, reliability and durability. For especially demanding applications and process conditions, Neles offers a range of solutions to avoid the negative impact of noise, flashing and cavitation.

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