Chip storing

Valmet’s chip handling and storage concept offers several storage and reclaiming solutions to suit any customer need.

Chip storage is necessary to ensure the optimal supply of chips to the process. The reclaimer is designed for automatic and reliable reclaiming of chips, bark or sawdust from an open pile or storage silo.


Cutting-edge technology for wood-chip storage and reclaiming

Valmet Circular Chip Storage provides the latest cutting-edge technology for wood-chip storage and reclaiming. This chip storage system operates on the first-in first-out principle, meaning the chip pile is built up at the front and reclaimed from the back. The chips are reclaimed gently from the whole cross section of the pile, which ensures excellent blending and homogenization of the chips while minimizing chip damage. Valmet Circular Chip Storage includes several unique features and allows low operation and maintenance costs, making it a beneficial total investment.

  • Excellent chip blending
  • Gentle reclaiming prevents chip damage
  • First-in first-out operating principle
  • High stacking and reclaiming capacity
  • 100% automatic reclaiming
  • Low operation and maintenance costs
  • All equipment visible and easy to access
  • Enables easy and flexible mill layout
  • No concrete


Silos with rotary or traversing screw reclaimer

The Valmet Screw Reclaimer, traversing type, is designed for automatic and reliable reclaiming of chips, bark or saw dust from an open pile or storage silo. No bulldozers or front loaders are needed, which means minimal chip damage.


Chip storing - Maintenance and shutdown services

Reclaim Screw Reconditioning

To maximize wood handling capacity and minimize downtime.

Reclaimer condition test

Aim at improving efficiency and decreasing maintenance costs.




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