Project execution

Ensuring your success with our expertise in project management

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In every paper and board machine investment project, it’s important to remember that our customers - you - are not investing in equipment, you are investing in results. That’s why the expertise in project management is essential – it provides the structure that guides everyone involved towards these results, ensuring that the project is delivered safely, successfully and on schedule.

Working for your success

Valmet delivers projects to our customers all around the world. And in every project, big or small, we will support you with our expertise in project management. With our standardized and systematic approach, we don’t just deliver projects, we deliver success.

We assign a dedicated project team to each project, and they establish common targets together with you, the customer. This guarantees that both the responsibilities and the processes are completely clear, and that you will know exactly who to contact.

Valmet’s project team will take the lead in all Valmet-related work, and they will work closely together with your own on-site staff, other subcontractors and the local Valmet delivery team to ensure clear communication and collaboration.

Projects meeting their goals

Valmet’s project management methods are based on years of experience, the best practices and the latest learnings from the market. In every case, we work closely with you, our customers, to ensure that the completed project meets the aims of your investment. Our project management teams support you at all stages of your project, starting even before the order is finalized. The teams take responsibility for delivering what you have ordered, for monitoring and maintaining the schedule, for managing costs, risks and opportunities, and for ensuring that the project as a whole goes well.

Single supplier convenience

Our professional project management also brings another benefit to you – you can get your whole delivery from a single supplier. Valmet can supply everything you'll need, including the expertise, engineering, equipment, automation, installation and services, as well as project management.

When you choose Valmet as your single supplier, we will take full responsibility for the delivery. This makes the project execution smoother and project management more efficient, and we will do everything we can to ensure your project is successful.

Valmet project management in numbers

~ 30

Start-ups annually: New board and paper machine lines & large rebuilds

> 900

Improvement projects annually


of start-ups with remote commissioning support in 2020

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Want to talk to our board & paper experts?

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Clear and transparent communications

Good communication and customer collaboration is essential to the success of a project. At Valmet, we always maintain good communications, so everyone is aware what is going on. Our project managers stay in touch with all stakeholders and provide support through the most convenient communications channels including email and phone, and online services like Teams and Zoom. They also ensure that both internal and external reporting and follow up actions are taken care of.

To ensure smooth and clearly defined collaboration, we organize regular, well-planned meetings with our customers and their partners, with open discussion in both directions, and we always respond to our customers’ concerns. Good communications also ensure that the customer

  • knows how the project is proceeding,
  • what Valmet is doing,
  • and that we are taking care of all the necessary project actions.

Throughout the project, our project managers will always be available to provide comprehensive expert support.

Project teams with unmatched experience

In every project, our project manages rely on the unparalleled experience of our professional project management teams and their deep industry expertise. Most of our project managers are very experienced and they have worked for tens of years’ in the field, and they also support our newer staff. Naturally, we provide training for all our project managers, including specific training related to project management.

Valmet completes 30 to 40 large scale paper and board machine projects every year, as well as many smaller ones. We have both the knowhow and the clear processes needed to handle very large, high capital value projects. Our expertise and capabilities are particularly valuable to customers who might undertake only one or two big projects per decade.

Thanks to this regular work on large projects, our project management teams are also familiar with our customers’ business needs and they continuously learn about the very latest industry trends and technologies, and stay up-to-date with current and upcoming best practices. As a result, our project teams have a wide range of experience, which they bring to each project. They also use this expertise to support colleagues outside the team, like product experts and process experts, ensuring that their knowledge is available throughout Valmet.

Excellent feedback

We are confident that we provide market-leading project management, however, we are always looking for ways to learn, improve and develop. To do this, we continuously monitor our own performance and our customers’ satisfaction. We listen closely to our customers’ feedback, and we carry out a minimum of two customer feedback surveys in every project. We also conduct customer interviews and gather feedback from our own teams, as well. As a result of this attention to our customers’ needs, our project teams regularly get excellent feedback.

In addition, we continuously develop our processes and tools, as well as our training, to ensure that our teams are always well prepared to meet new market requirements and our customers’ expectations.

Whatever the scale of your project, whatever the timeline, at Valmet we have the skill and the knowhow to ensure that it will continue to be successful well into the future.