APP Jingui PM2 - Seamless cooperation creates maximum synergy

Duration 3:35

APP Jingui BM2 is a complete large-scale high-speed production line for coated white cardboard, delivered by Valmet. APP Jingui BM2 has been a success from the moment it started up on December 8, 2021. It took only three hours to achieve a smooth start-up in the uncoated section – from the stock entering the headbox to leaving the pre-calender. And, just four days later, the machine was producing salable Grade-A coated white cardboard. Watch the video to learn more about the cooperation between Valmet and APP, that resulted in a success from the start.

In every paper and board machine investment project, it’s important to remember that our customers - you - are not investing in equipment, you are investing in results. That’s why the expertise in project management is essential – it provides the structure that guides everyone involved towards these results, ensuring that the project is delivered safely, successfully and on schedule.

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Updated; Mar 28, 2023