Valmet Industrial Internet – VII

Let’s have a meaningful dialogue with data!

Digitalization is changing the way companies do business, as emerging digital technologies and data are giving more insight into processes and profitability, as well as creating new business opportunities. We are integrating our process technology, automation and services expertise and advanced data analytics to empower pulp, paper and energy producers to move toward more autonomous operations.

Do you want to take your operations to the next level by maximizing asset and people performance and by optimizing your processes and production across the value chain? Explore the extensive Valmet Industrial Internet (VII) solutions below and find out how you can improve energy, chemical and environmental efficiency, optimize end-product quality and increase the reliability of your processes.

Industrial Internet offering

What is Industrial Internet?

The Industrial Internet is a system that combines data and expertise to improve a company’s operations.

The system includes a data platform which provides computing power and data storage, and a secure private digital network which connects all the company’s industrial equipment together. The company will use its own and its partners’ process expertise, to get the most benefit from the data.

A meaningful dialogue with data

In an Industrial Internet, equipment from all the parts of the company are connected together, including sensors, process control, automation systems and quality control systems. The digital data from each piece of connected equipment can be sent and received, stored, shared and analyzed. Combined with process expertise, the results of the data analysis enable the company to get a complete picture of their operations at every level, from detailed equipment performance and near-real-time analysis of process parameters to annual productivity. 

Note: Process expertise is essential to the success of an Industrial Internet. The data processing and analytics depend on knowing which data to analyze and how to utilize it for your benefit.

What is the difference between Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial Internet?

The IoT is a network which connects IP based components together so they can communicate and provide data. In other words, the IoT connects things and moves data between them. The Industrial Internet includes the IoT, as well as the systems needed to store, analyze and extract value from the data. The Industrial Internet focuses on what you can do with the data and it enables people to use it to add value to their business.