Financial targets

Financial targets were updated on June 23, 2022 and they are the following:

  • Net sales for Services and Automation segments to grow over two times the market growth
  • Net sales for Process Technology segment to exceed market growth
  • Comparable EBITA: 12-14%
  • Comparable return on capital employed (ROCE) before taxes at least 15 percent
  • Dividend payout at least 50% of net profit


Actions to reach Comparable EBITA target:

  • Grow the stable business
  • Focus on improving project management and execution
  • Positive margin deviation in capital projects
  • Continue to identify savings opportunities in procurement through design-to-cost and supplier relationship management
  • Increase flexibility in operations through global footprint development
  • R&D and new product launches
  • Internal efficiencies through digitalization
  • ERP project (from 2023 onwards)

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*For 2013 carve-out figures