Automation and flow control for Power-to-X industries

Solutions for eliminating emissions and going green

Valmet offers a wide range of flow control and automation solutions for Power-to-X applications. With our extensive experience in handling different types of gasses, we have the technologies and knowhow needed to support companies as the Power-to-X industry continues to expand.

High valve integrity for safe gas handling

A long history of valves for difficult applications

Automation tailored to your processes

Global support network

Flow control for demanding P2X processes

Power-to-X processes, also known as P2X, use renewable or surplus electrical power to produce energy carriers like green hydrogen, synthetic fuels like eMethane or synthetic feedstocks like ammonia. This will help many industries to eliminate the use of fossil fuels and decarbonize their operations. However, many Power-to-X processes involve extreme conditions. For example, hydrogen transport requires cryogenic conditions, while ammonia synthesis involves high temperatures and very high pressures.

Valmet offers a range of valves, positioners and valve controllers that meet the demands of the Power-to-X industry, providing fast and accurate valve control, and long-tasting tightness, even under the harshest conditions.

Automate all P2X processes with one system

Quick, accurate control is essential in many Power-to-X processes, like hydrogen electrolysis. In addition, many of the substances involved, like hydrogen, are extremely flammable. This makes safety and process transparency extremely important. 

Valmet has decades of experience in automation and we can automate all your processes with just one system, Valmet DNA. This distributed control system, gives you a common platform for all equipment, and all control and monitoring, and it gives you the data you need to streamline and optimize your processes. To ensure operational safety, Valmet DNA comes with integrated HIMA safety systems.

Service for the Power-to-X industry

All Valmet's flow control and automation products and solutions for Power-to-X applications are supported by our comprehensive service offering and global service network. We will work to find the right solutions for your particular needs and support your operations throughout the lifecycle of your plant.