Proven valve performance for all hydrogen service

With hydrogen being such a hot mainstream topic of discussion due to its role in the green energy transition, it is worth remembering that it is nothing new to some of us. Valmet as a developer, manufacturer and provider of valve solutions has decades of experience with hydrogen applications in refinery environments and the petrochemical industry in general.  

Valves created for hydrogen services

Selecting the right flow control solutions starts with the in-depth understanding of the flow media and the requirements of the industrial application in question. Both the construction and the material selections of a valve depend on how the media behaves. Due to its low density, the flow velocity at the same differential pressures is much higher than for most other gasses, making controllability and rangeability vital. Also, the small molecule size of hydrogen creates greater demand for tightness.

Constant flow of new sustainable hydrogen production

While the fundamentals of flow control in hydrogen applications remain unchanged, there are a vast number of new applications and technologies constantly coming into play. We are excited to be a part of developing solutions related to new electrolyzers such as solid oxide electrolyzer cells (SOEC) or to highly demanding methane pyrolysis technologies. We are always open to developing further solutions and functionalities to meet the needs of the evolving market. With strong expertise comes the ability to be flexible without compromising on safety or reliability.

Experienced team at your services

With a host of new Power-to-X -related applications, we are faced with a situation where there are no specific safety standards in place yet in many cases. This leads our dedicated team of industry experts to offer hydrogen proven valve solutions that are known to perform well with the given operating conditions. Our team is committed to putting its extensive knowledge to work for our customers, supporting them across their journey towards a zero emissions future. This means helping with everything from process optimisation to system integrity by right control and safety valve selection and sizing.

Products proven in operation

Obviously, all of the solutions we provide for hydrogen service are highly customer-specific, but there are certain products in our portfolio that have proven to be popular in these applications – and for good reason. Segment valves, and our Neles™ R-series V-port segment valves in particular are known to provide superior performance in control valve applications in hydrogen service at a very economic price level. Also, added intelligence and diagnostics capabilities are important for ensuring safety and helping with the planning of preventive maintenance operations.

Putting safety and sustainability first

In many running electrolysis applications our valves prove their reliability daily and lead to the efficient and safe operation of various types of electrolyzers. We are both proud and excited to be a part of the energy transition that aims to build and secure a greener future for all of us. While zero emissions energy production is the reason we are so excited about hydrogen today, we need to remember that we are dealing with a non-toxic gas that is however flammable and potentially explosive in higher concentrations.

In addition to our expertise and experience in valves for hydrogen service, Valmet also provides proven solutions for even more hazardous and volatile gasses such as oxygen. The safety and reliability of all these industrial processes need to be just as important as accuracy, efficiency and productivity. Sustainability must be achieved responsibly and safely. Embarking on a greener energy mission with the right technology providers is the first step.