Other value-adding processes

From side streams to value-adding processes

In modern pulp production, operating sustainably is a continuous goal – pulp producers around the world are aiming for closed circles and are working towards having production side streams reused and harnessed. By working closely with our customers and placing heavy emphasis on R&D, we continuously expand our offering with new solutions. This allows us to help you utilize different production side streams for value-adding processes like lignin extraction and sulfuric acid production - making sure both your process efficiency and profitability remain high.



Sulfuric Acid Plant

Sulfur in pulp mill’s odorous gases can be converted into sulfuric acid. Internally produced acid closes the mill’s Na-S chemical balance providing


LignoBoost is a well proven technology for producing high quality kraft lignin. Valmet has built two commercial plants and has also developed the technology further. LignoBoost lignin can today be tailored into several interesting qualities.

Turpentine decanting

Turpentine decanting for recovering a valuable by product.


Valmet is in the forefront in the development that has led to today’s horizontal tube reactors for prehydrolysis of non-woods.