Investor relations

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In this section you can read Valmet's Investor Relations blog and IR Newsletters, order the newsletter to your email (published four times a year) and watch videos directed to Valmet's investors.  

Disclosure policy

IR principles 

The main task of Valmet's Investor Relations is to ensure that the markets have correct and sufficient information in order to determine the value of the Valmet share. Valmet Investor Relations is responsible for investor communications, and all investor requests are processed centrally through Valmet's Investor Relations. In addition to financial reports, financial statements and interim reports, Valmet's investor communications involve investor meetings and seminars. Valmet also arranges Capital Markets Days and site visits for investors and analysts.

Furthermore, Valmet Investor Relations is responsible for gathering and analyzing market information and investor feedback to be used by Valmet's management and Board of Directors.

Valmet Investor Relations' work aims at promptness, transparency and good service. 

Silent period

Valmet observes a three-week (21 days) silent period prior to publication of financial results. During this time, Valmet does not comment on the company’s financial situation, markets, future outlook or recent development. During the silent period, Valmet’s executives and employees do not meet with representatives of capital markets or financial media to comment on issues related to the company’s financial situation, market outlook or business prospects.

Silent periods in 2024 are as follows:

January 17 - February 7, 2024
April 3 - April 24, 2024
July 3 - July 24, 2024
October 9 - October 30, 2024