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Many industries are looking into LNG as an alternative, cleaner source of energy. For LNG producers the difference between running safe, profitable plants often comes down to choosing partners with the experience and knowledge to get the job done right. We provide exactly this for flow control and automation.

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With huge temperature ranges from ambient to cryogenic and significant differential pressures, keeping LNG processes running safely and efficiently is a challenging task. At every stage, from compression, purification and drying to fractionation and liquefaction there are application specific technical challenges. The LNG process is notoriously tough on valves. If cryogenic temperatures weren’t challenging enough, noise and cavitation are also persistent issues.

Inferior valves will wear quickly leading to unsafe conditions and downtime. For operators there’s nothing worse than unexpected downtime. Maintenance costs plus production losses quickly compound, causing unnecessary stress and frustration at every level, from the management to the maintenance crew. Operators must stay one step ahead not only of equipment upkeep but the costs associated with routine maintenance and inventory.

Experience and intelligence in LNG flow control

We offer a comprehensive line of flow control products specifically developed to overcome the challenges of LNG processing with experience and know-how in these applications. We are constantly developing our technologies to meet the noise and cavitation challenges. As a focus of our engineering capabilities, Valmet has the largest, most sophisticated cryogenic valve testing facility in the world. It’s in this lab that we verify that our products will outperform in the field according to the specific standards. Everything from our seat design and coatings to metallurgy have been developed, tested and certified to meet the needs of LNG-industry from processing and storage to transportation.

The most trusted LNG valves on the market

Single-source responsibility of all components manufactured, fully tested and configured will ensure the proper performance of valves from compression, purification, drying, fractionation and cryogenic liquefaction to storage and re-gasification throughout the whole life cycle.  An intelligent valve controller provides the means for simple and reliable instrumentation with transparency to valves’ performance while the process is running. From selection to commissioning to long-term service agreements, we’re a partner in our customers success.


Flow control for different applications in LNG