Maintenance development and outsourcing services for board and paper makers

Whether you’re running an new or existing mill, the optimal target is to maximize reliability and optimize performance. To help you reach your targets, we work together for continuous success.



Together we set-up a dream team with modern maintenance processes and mindset committed to safe and sustainable maintenance operations on site. A team ready to take on your mills everyday challenges allowing you to focus on your core business

Maximize your process reliability with Valmet´s maintenance development services

We provide maintenance development and outsourcing services for pulp producers around the world. Maintenance development supports maintenance organizations in developing the asset availability with preventive and predictive maintenance programs, maintenance planning, audits and management support.

Enhance the availability of your equipment and processes through utilizing preventive maintenance programs. We offer customers expert support and wide industry knowledge for the planning and management of maintenance activities. Production assets remain in great working condition as they're regularly audited. Maintenance activities require less time and resources as they're planned carefully beforehand.



Our way to serve through Maintenance Operations Agreements for continuous success


We continuously develop our maintenance procedures, our way to manage maintenance and new maintenance solutions to meet your needs. Our maintenance operations teams are connected to our global network of expertise 24/7.


Benefits with maintenance development services

  • Efficient and disturbance-free production
  • Systematic and efficient way to operate 
  • Maintenance cost efficiency
  • Less unplanned maintenance-related shuts


We see that our customers are facing challenges related to limited development resources, insufficient maintenance data at the plant, limited time, low availability due to many unplanned shutdowns or breaks and inefficient cost analyzing and planning.

All maintenance development services can be main portions inside the wider agreements like outsourcing, performance, maintenance, reliability, turn-key CMMS, etc.






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How to improve site productivity through best maintenance operation practices? How to get quick return of investments?

Maintenance outsourcing services

With our Maintenance outsourcing services we take full responsibility of the mill's maintenance and workshop operations, including inventory management on-site and the hiring of required maintenance personnel. 


Benefits with maintenance outsourcing services

  • Mills can focus on their core business
  • Systematic and efficient operations
  • Valmet's knowhow and expert services in use

Benefits of outsourcing services include turnkey solutions for systematic and more efficient operations, allowing the mill to focus on its core business. Using Valmet’s knowhow on maintenance, process technology and automation, processes can be taken to the next level, whether outsourcing existing or new maintenance operations. 


Maintenance management services

Mill maintenance operation agreements represent the advanced cooperation we have with the customer. Our committed maintenance professionals provide maintenance management and technical support services for the customer.

Benefits of maintenance management services include turnkey solutions for systematic and more efficient operations. Using Valmet’s knowhow on maintenance, process technology and automation, processes can be taken to the next level, whether outsourcing existing or new maintenance management operations. 


Establishment of maintenance for new board and paper mills

For new mills, the service scope includes setting up the organization and maintenance processes. This is always an extensive project and related planning should start already at the pre-engineering stage. The following issues need to be addressed before start-up:

  • Collection of required technical data and documentation
  • Creation of preventive and predictive maintenance plans
  • Implementation of a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)
  • Recruitment and training of maintenance personnel
  • Set up of maintenance supplier network
  • Set up of maintenance facilities, such as workshops and storage
  • Strategy for roll maintenance equipment, such as a roll grinder
  • Purchase of maintenance tools and equipment
  • Spare parts selection and procurement


Outsourcing agreements for existing mills

In the case of existing maintenance operations, an outsourcing process starts with a maintenance audit that covers both financial and operational aspects of the current maintenance operations. This study reveals the realistic development potential of the mill in terms of maintenance costs and process availability.

The typical scope of an outsourcing agreement covers:

  • Daily maintenance and shutdowns
  • Maintenance development
  • Maintenance materials management
  • Maintenance supplier network management


Read more about our references >> Multi-year mill maintenance agreement with Greenpac Mill


After visiting similar sites in Europe, we became convinced of the benefits of Valmet maintenance operations.
Marc-André Dépin, President and Chief Executive Officer of Norampac

References and articles

Teaming up for success at Opal’s Botany mill

Teaming up for success at Opal’s Botany mill

Success is a joint effort and requires persistent work. This philosophy is embraced at Opal's Botany Mill in Australia with excellent results. Supported by Valmet, the mill is recognized as an industry benchmark for containerboard manufacturing, achieving production records year after year.

Daily maintenance the Valmet way

Daily maintenance the Valmet way

Maintenance involves identifying and developing key maintenance processes, shutdown planning, materials and resource planning, and competency development, as well as key performance indicator (KPI) management and follow-up by Valmet.

Maintenance planning ensures availability

Maintenance planning ensures availability

In a major mill or plant investment project, the cost of maintenance planning is just a drop in the ocean. However, it pays for itself many times over through high availability and better results.

Perfect combination at Greenpac

Perfect combination at Greenpac

High-quality, lightweight containerboard production line and mill maintenance agreement move the Greenpac Mill in Canada forward.

A vote of confidence in performance-based mill maintenance

A vote of confidence in performance-based mill maintenance

Saica has contracted Metso Mill Service (MMS)* to be the sole provider of maintenance services, from the recovered paper conveyors to the new reel warehouse, at its new 400,000 tpy Partington, UK mill, near Manchester. The concept focuses on a machine performance and productivity model which has been partially tested in Spain. *Valmet as of January 1, 2014

Responsible packaging at Orora B9

Responsible packaging at Orora B9

Orora's Botany mill in Australia is home to one of the world's top-performing paper machines. Replacing old machines with Valmet paper machine has slashed energy use by 34%, cut water consumption by 26% and reduced waste by 75%.

Energy efficient OCC line at Orora Botany Mill

Energy efficient OCC line at Orora Botany Mill

Orora is pleased with the performance of the OCC line. It produces very clean results with few specks and very low stickie counts despite exceptionally dirty raw materials. It is also efficient in energy terms.

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