Proven automation solution for CCPP

Valmet DNA Automation for combined-cycle power plants

Valmet's automation solutions for combined cycle and gas power plants

Valmet’s offering for combined-cycle power plants (CCPPs) includes the Valmet DNA Automation System with powerful control, monitoring, protection, optimization and reporting applications. System supports power plant users in producing energy safely and efficiently – with low costs and low environmental impact.

Integrated machine condition monitoring and protection and turbine control features

Comprehensive plant performance analysis and reporting applications

Optimized and flexible operations with integrated advanced process controls

Powerful, flexible and scalable automation system architecture

Single solution for all plant equipment and processes

The operation and monitoring of turbine controllers are typically carried out through the Valmet DNA User Interface. If the turbine is delivered with its own control system, Valmet DNA Automation System connects to that automation through a communication link.

The automation system coordinates control of gas turbines, heat recovery steam generators (HRSGs) and steam turbine generators (STGs) during both normal operation and in disturbance situations. The whole plant is controlled through the automatic generation control (AGC) that handles plant load control based on setpoints from the operator or from a remote dispatcher through a communication link.

Key to economical plant operation

When a power plant consists of several units or has many expensive rotating machines, the performance optimization, energy management and condition monitoring functions become even more important for cost-efficient operation. Advanced Industrial Internet-based solutions and related services further extend Valmet DNA applications and functions.

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