Optimizing process performance for maximized plant profitability

Valmet’s Advanced Process Control (APC) solutions for energy

With Advanced Process Controls (APC), you can directly increase plant and fleet profitability by improving production capacity, lowering emissions and reducing operational costs. Valmet’s energy optimization solutions help you tune processes to get the best possible results – for a new boiler or your existing operations with multiple energy systems. We eliminate the guesswork by systematically identifying the bottlenecks and improvement potential in your processes – and together with you, set targets for our process optimization solutions.

Maximized performance of existing or new production assets

Modular solutions for more autonomous and flexible operations with a typical ROI of under one year

Cost savings by reducing fuel costs, additives and carbon footprint

Reduced process variations for better stability and predictability

Improving autonomous plant operations

Valmet Advanced Process Controls (APC) are advanced control applications that leverage our process expertise and technological know-how in the energy industry. Valmet APC applications keep your processes focused and on target continuously, 24/7.

Valmet’s energy optimization solutions are highly applicable to both greenfield and retrofit projects with various CAPEX and OPEX business models.

Driving plant development with Process Performance Services

Maximizing process performance is a continuous effort, and Valmet's Automation Services are here to help you. After the initial optimization project, our Process Performance Services monitor performance and continuously optimize your production processes. Remote monitoring is supported by our global network of service experts to make sure you achieve optimal production performance at all times. Valmet experts systematically monitor plant processes, handle deviations and provide troubleshooting and process improvement initiatives.

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Typical customer needs with energy APC deliveries.
We support our customers on their journey toward
a carbon-neutral future – from a single
to fleet-level optimization.

Would you like to find out more about our process optimization solutions?

Would you like to find out more about our process optimization solutions?

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