Automatic adjustment of fuel quality instabilities

Valmet DNA Fuel Power Compensator

Valmet DNA Fuel Power Compensator complements combustion optimization by controlling fuel quality change. The solution adjusts for fuel feeding system disturbances caused by variations in fuel quality and quantity. As a result, serious combustion process instabilities can be avoided, leading to increased equipment and component life and significant cost savings over the long run.

Combustion optimization by controlling fuel quality change

Due to circular economy the quality of combustible solid fuel is getting more and more challenging (e,g, agro and waste derived fuels) and same time plant operators want to avoid usage of auxiliary fossil fuels like oil and natural gas.

Valmet DNA Fuel Power Compensator estimates fuel power or fuel energy input to the boiler. The solution calculates the fuel power online and regulates the fuel flow accordingly.  In essence, Valmet DNA Fuel Power Compensator adjusts the solid fuel feed to the boiler to satisfy the actual energy demand given by the boiler master controller, which is typically a steam pressure controller. As a result, fuel feeding disturbances are compensated for before they appear in the steam pressure.

Fuel Power Compensator_700.jpg

Illustration of fuel power compensation Change fuel feeding while keeping the steam flow stabile.

A patented and reliable solution

This patented and reliable solution is designed for bubbling and circulating fluidized bed boilers. It is especially useful for the combustion of multiple fuels with different fuel-specific heat values. Any combustion process with changing solid fuel mixtures or a single fuel with varying dryness benefits from DNA Fuel Power Compensator.

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