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Power plant performance monitoring and reporting

Valmet DNA Plant Management Applications

Valmet DNA Plant Management Applications consist of modular tools developed for different types of power plants to meet specific monitoring, reporting and optimization needs – from management to production and maintenance. The solutions enable long-term reporting and analyses of all gathered parameters, contributing to optimized operations, better performance and maximized plant availability.

Automated processing of large amounts of plant data

Valmet DNA Plant Management Applications automatically process large amounts of plant data into a compact form of essential information. Such automated reporting of production, consumption, specific equipment performance and emission figures can greatly reduce the time and effort spent on reporting routines.

These solutions also help detect and analyze existing or potential problems in plant operation. This supports a proactive response to failures or early equipment wear before they cause unpredicted shutdowns.

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Modular solutions for changing needs

Valmet DNA Plant Management Applications have a modular structure, so they can be adjusted to meet the changing needs throughout a plant’s life cycle. Because they are based on modern web-reporting tools, selected data can be efficiently and securely distributed to all chosen parties.

These advanced applications can be used for all types of power plants, including combined-cycle power, combined heat and power, condensing power, fluidized bed combustion and waste-to-energy plants. Any of the Valmet DNA Plant Management Applications can be smoothly connected to the Valmet Industrial Internet applications and services, ensuring further business development opportunities.

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