Real-time fuel delivery and fuel quality monitoring

Valmet DNA Fuel Data Manager

Valmet DNA Fuel Data Manager is an advanced tool for monitoring and reporting fuel delivery data from the weighbridge and fuel quality data from the testing laboratory. The online solution supports the fuel reception, handling and sampling processes for smooth, reliable and efficient data management.

Fuel data control from gate to boiler

Part of the Valmet DNA Fuel Management solution, Valmet DNA Fuel Data Manager makes fuel load data from the gate and fuel quality data from the testing laboratory instantly available. Ready-made reports combine delivered fuel amounts and energies and make communicating this data easy to other parties. The load-specific measuring information sent back to the supplier supports quick and continuous delivery quality control and further process improvements.

The platform provides efficient management and data insights for all power plants combusting solid fuel with daily deliveries. In addition, it can also manage and control deliveries of other substances, such as chemicals, ash and more.

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