Automation and flow control for the LNG industry

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Valmet offers a comprehensive line of flow control products specifically developed to overcome the challenges in the LNG industry, as well as automation technology and solutions for the whole LNG supply chain. LNG companies rely on our capabilities, knowledge and experience to help them run their operations safely and profitably.

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Purpose-built flow control solutions 

Working with LNG (liquified natural gas) is notoriously tough on valves, with continuous switching, huge temperature ranges, cryogenic processes, significant differential pressures, and noise and cavitation issues. At every stage, from compression, purification and drying to fractionation and liquefaction there are application-specific technical challenges.

We offer a range of Neles™ valves, actuators and valve controllers that are designed for the demanding conditions found in the LNG industry. We test and develop valves and materials for cryogenic service in our own dedicated cryogenic testing facilities and laboratories. All Neles™ valves are built using carefully selected materials and seat construction to ensure durable tightness and years of reliable service.

Automation for the whole LNG supply chain

As the demand for LNG continues to grow, it’s important to ensure both safe, reliable process control and efficient, profitable operations. Valmet provides complete process automation solutions for the LNG industry, including the Valmet DNA Distributed Control System with integrated HIMA safety systems. Valmet DNA can be used to control the entire LNG supply chain, from production plants and remote-controlled compression stations to terminals and liquefaction. And, with the Valmet DNA Integrated Operations solution, companies get the accurate data they need to improve the efficiency of their logistics and production planning.

Services to improve reliability and productivity

Valmet is the leading global service provider for the LNG industry. From selection to commissioning to long-term service agreements, we will support you throughout the whole life cycle of your LNG operations.