Field services for board and paper making

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Do you need equipment maintenance or support for machine, equipment or process performance development?

Valmet Field Services offers all types of on-site service for the board and paper industry, with high-level standards for safety and work quality. We plan, execute, manage and develop maintenance activities according to your needs specifically:

  • Maintenance and process supporting services
  • Annual shutdowns
  • Maintenance shutdowns
  • Daily maintenance
  • Remote Field services

We serve you both locally and remotely. Using the remote field service possibilities is an easy and safe way to get the process, automation and maintenance expertise & support you need, through our local service center or even without a site visit.


Trust is earned everyday on-site and remotely.


At Valmet, we are continuously developing our field services by strengthening our local and global presence, developing our products and services, improving our field service professionals’ competences and enhancing our digital platforms for an improved customer experience. Our target is to help you keep your machinery in the optimal condition for the best performance, so you can concentrate on your business goals.”

The new era of field services


Make the most of Valmet’s technology, competence and experience

Valmet’s field services for board- and papermaking aim to maintain and improve the productivity and performance of all papermaking equipment.

Controlling maintenance costs and keeping production assets in top working condition are some of the main requirements for board and paper makers looking for reliable maintenance and shutdown management.

Our maintenance services include planning, executing and managing development and maintenance actions. This includes implementing annual shutdowns together with your team. Both own and outsourced resources are optimally utilized for minimizing unnecessary costs, schedule overruns and downtime....

With Valmet-wide network of skilled personnel and dedicated service workshops, we offer proactive maintenance management and timely execution through on-site reconditioning during shutdowns, upgrades, process development and maintenance management and programs. Our maintenance and shutdown services are available regardless of the original technology supplier.

Discover useful recommendations and guidance on service intervals to keep your machinery in good condition.

Key handbook topics:

  • Stock preparation, Headbox, Forming section, Press section field services, Dryer section, Sizer and coater, Calender, Reeling, Winder, Components, Automation, Machine Analysis, Agreements...and more!
  • Valmet’s unique and versatile expertise in process technology, automation and machine services for Field Services is combined in this dedicated handbook.

To help you prevent unexpected failures, download a copy of our handbook today!


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