Valmet service center in Darmstadt, Germany

Valmet’s Darmstadt service center opened its doors in 1992 under the name Valmet Papiermaschinen Service GmbH. Since then, the service center  —located in the heart of Central Europe and just 25 kilometers from Frankfurt International Airport— has served customers all over Europe. After many acquisitions and mergers, we have been able to expand the range of services and products that this site offers to accommodate our customers varying needs.

Today, the Darmstadt service center provides a wide selection of services for entire pulp and paper production lines, including spare parts, roll maintenance, roll covers, process improvement services, mill site services, and cooperation programs.

We are continuously working to increase efficiency, reduce maintenance costs, and prolong the lifetime of our customers' equipment by using new technologies to support their performance and making sure we are situated where we can respond quickly to their concerns.

Valmet Darmstadt service center offering for board and paper industry

Maintenance services

Maintenance services in Valmet Darmstadt

  • Headbox services
  • Press section services
  • Maintenance services for coaters and reels
  • On-site grinding and coating



Roll services

Roll services in Darmstadt Germany


Process improvement solutionsProcess improvements in Valmet Darmstadt

  • Refining improvements
  • Screening improvements
  • Headbox improvements
  • Former improvements
  • Press improvements
  • Dryer improvements
  • Winder improvements

Roll handling service

  • Customer roll quality protection improvements
  • Customer roll flow improvements
  • Condition management improvement

Spare parts and consumables

Consumables in Valmet DarmstadtPaper machine clothing

  • Forming fabrics
  • Press felts
  • Shoe press belts
  • Dryer fabrics


Maintenance outsourcing

  • Outsourcing agreements
  • Setting up maintenance for new mills


Valmet Darmstadt Service Center offering for pulping & fiber services

Pulping and fiber services in Darmstadt

Pulping and fiber services

Wood handling

Chemical pulping services

Mechanical pulping services

Valmet GmbH, Darmstadt  Service Center
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Fax: +49 6151 7377-200
24 h emergency service:
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Managing Director
Frank Merl
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Vice President CEN Sales
Manfred Eberhardt
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 Sales contact
Tobias Hain
Senior Manager, Sales
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 Director, CEN Service Operations
Christian Kocksch
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Paper Solutions
Alexander Schumann
Senior Manager
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 Pulp Solutions
Bernhard Trunk
Senior Manager
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 Consumable Solutions
Guido Kern
Senior Manager
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 Paper machine clothing
Alexander Rosenstein-Josten
Product Sales Manager, PMC
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