Reliable flow control partner for OEMs

Original Equipment Manufacturers

The Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are challenged by demanding requirements and ability to respond to the customer’s needs while keeping cost effectiveness and quality high. Reliable flow control solutions minimize the life cycle cost of the process and extend equipment lifetime. With over 65 years of experience, we are an experienced and reliable OEM valve and pump manufacturer partner.

Common challenges for OEMs

OEM equipment often operates in harsh/demanding environment and challenging process conditions. Thus the components have to be selected respectively for safe and reliable equipment operation leading to the maximum the uptime. Also, the necessary maintenance has to be carried out as quickly as possible with minimized spare part costs.

Another important aspect for OEM’s is maintaining high efficiency while keeping their own stock non-existent and operate based on the demand-driven supply chain. The latter is often complex and outsourced further down the chain. Following those requirements is challenging and only successful cooperation between business operations leads to satisfied end customers.

Main OEM challenges are:

  • Finding the optimal components. Valves or pumps could be critical components for processes and operations.

  • Reliable supplier relationship. The supplier needs to be able to develop its products according to changing customer demands.

  • Spare parts availability and TCO (total cost of ownership). Ability to partner with a reliable and responsible provider of complete project deliveries instead of only supplying individual equipment. In an optimal situation, the partner manages the entire lifecycle of the equipment and its components.

  • Brand. All provided original equipment has to include the original brand and colours which follow the brand guidelines.

  • Quality. Make sure the components add value to the proprietary equipment and meet the same quality standards.

Our solutions

We are an experienced OEM components provider. We can manage the entire component lifecycle, spare parts and maintenance. We offer high quality flow control equipment, including a comprehensive range of different types of control, on-off and ESD valves, peristaltic pumps and progressive cavity pumps. The products can be tailored according to OEM’s special needs. We have strong experience in process industries, from pulp, paper and bioproducts industry to water and wastewater treatment, chemicals, refining and minerals processing.

We have solutions for all main OEM challenges:

  • Optimal components. Right components for the right application and process with lowest total cost of ownership. Components can be optimized according to the process requirements, resulting in tailor-made solutions.

  • Reliability. Valmet’s Flow Control business line holds and follows the ISO 9000:2015 certificate. Every piece of equipment is tested before delivery to ensure high quality and safe operations.

    Responsiveness and logistics: the average response time is two days after receiving an inquiry and even shorter for partnership agreements. We fully handle logistics and deliveries and is a reliable OEM valve and pump manufacturer partner.

  • Supply chain visibility and lowest total cost of ownership. We manage the entire life cycle of components or supports the OEM by managing spare parts and maintenance. Flow control solutions minimize process life-cycle costs. The energy consumption is low, design robust and durable, low wear, low spare parts consumption and savings in water.

  • Able to follow branding requests. Experienced in fulfilling diverse branding requests.

  • High quality. Neles, Flowrox, Jamesbury and Neles Easyflow products and solutions can withstand the most demanding conditions in various process applications, representing quality and durability.

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