Distributed control systems (DCS)

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A distributed control system (DCS) is a type of control system architecture used in industrial settings to monitor and control various processes and equipment. It is designed to provide centralized control while distributing the control functions across multiple devices and locations. A DCS combines a human-machine interface (HMI), historian, common database, alarm management, and configuration environment into the same system.

In a DCS, the control functions are divided among multiple nodes, which are interconnected through a communication network. Each node, often referred to as a controller or a remote terminal unit, is responsible for controlling a specific portion of the system. These nodes are connected to various sensors, actuators, and other devices to gather data and execute control commands. The communication network in a DCS enables data exchange between the controllers, allowing them to coordinate real-time monitoring and control across the entire system.

With Valmet, your automation investment is secured for the future and there's always an upgrade path available for your DCS. This commitment to lifetime system compatibility started already in the 1970s and we have provided several generations and versions of distributed control systems, all with industry-leading release compatibility.

Future-proof Process Automation for Continuity

Valmet DNA and Valmet DNAe distributed control systems deliver an industry-leading user experience, utilizing the same user interface and sharing advanced data analytics functionalities from the new Valmet DNAe. The lifetime compatibility for the Valmet DNA ensures a step-by-step upgrade path to unlock the full potential of the latest Valmet DNAe technology.

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