Enhanced production optimization by Valmet DNA Energy Management

A state-of-art Valmet DNA Energy Management system is supplied by Valmet and its Industrial Internet ecosystem partner Energy Opticon. It is a modern, modular database software system offering energy companies tools for forecasting loads and prices, optimizing energy production, and trading electricity.

DNA Energy Management system utilizes the vast opportunities offered by the Industrial Internet by combining plant data with data from external sources, such as the electricity market and weather service providers.

Modular energy management system featuring

  • Production optimization; short term < 1year and long term > 1 year
  • Heat load forecasting
  • Electrical load forecasting
  • Electricity trading
  • Plant and system modeling with the topology editor


  • Optimization of the fleet
  • Reduction of heat and electricity production cost
  • Optimization of timing for start-ups and stops
  • Using cheapest fuel mix
  • Improving fuel purchasing
  • Capitalization of the electricity trading potential


For more information, please contact:

Pawel Kalbarczyk