Improved steam production efficiency and profitability

Valmet DNA Steam Network Manager

With Valmet’s steam network optimization, you can directly increase the profitability of your plant by resolving current steam network process limitations and stabilizing the controls in all operational situations. Whether you aim to minimize the use of fossil fuels and lower your carbon footprint or improve the energy efficiency of your steam network, Valmet’s optimization solution helps you balance steam consumption and production in the most economical way.

Improved steam availability and quality with minimized steam venting losses

Reduced risk of unplanned shutdowns

Decreased auxiliary fuel consumption by up to 50%

Reduced carbon footprint

Online steam network optimization

Valmet DNA Steam Network Manager is an advanced process control application for online monitoring and optimizing the steam network. It secures process steam supply and quality during disturbances and compensates for load changes as economically as possible. The solution also enables you to maximize steam production with the cheapest available renewable fuels.

With a typical payback time of under one year for the Valmet DNA Steam Network Manager application, you can expect direct benefits in no time.

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More autonomous operations

With Valmet’s steam network optimization solution, you ensure that your plant steam network has the best possible performance 24/7. The solution is an integrated part of the Valmet DNA DCS and new Valmet DNA User Interface, which enables the best possible user experience for plant and mill operators. As a multivariable closed-loop controller, Valmet DNA Steam Network Manager supervises and regulates the whole steam network, ensuring that steam consumption and production are always in balance – in all production situations.

Valmet DNA Steam Network Manager supports plant operators in process risk control and management in the most cost-efficient way. It also improves the plant’s overall production efficiency.

Optimized fuel economy

By reducing the use of high-cost secondary fuels, Valmet DNA Steam Network Manager makes it possible to produce high-quality products at a lower cost while also being more environmentally sound. In many projects, we combine benefits of the steam network and boiler optimization solutions to improve the overall fuel economy of a plant and its energy production equipment.

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