Cost-effective and undisturbed power plant operations

Valmet DNA Steam Turbine Performance Monitoring

The Valmet DNA Steam Turbine Performance Monitoring application provides power plant personnel with valuable information about the performance, condition and operating efficiency of their steam turbines – both in real time and retrospectively. By continuously monitoring main steam turbine parameters, the solution significantly improves the power plant economy.

Enhanced steam turbine efficiency and availability

Effective detection and analysis of potential or existing issues in steam turbine operation

Improved maintenance planning with long-term monitoring of component deterioration

Minimized downtime with a proactive approach to failure prevention

Knowing exact steam turbine performance at all times

The Valmet DNA Steam Turbine Performance Monitoring application continuously calculates, displays and stores main steam turbine parameters. Calculations include steam turbine energy balance and other key values depending on the steam turbine type and need. The results indicate which part of the steam turbine heat input is actually utilized to actually utilized and which part is lost in condensation or other losses. All calculations are built in accordance with generally accepted industrial standards.

The application helps power plant maintenance and operating personnel detect potential problems in steam turbine operation and analyze those that have occurred. This prevents failures proactively – before they cause unpredicted shutdowns.

Additionally, extensive storage of history data enables long-term monitoring of gradual component deterioration, such as turbine blade deposit accumulation, for significantly improved maintenance planning.

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Enhanced user experience and interface

The tool’s customized user interface includes all essential steam turbine performance data shown in clear and easy-to-use reports and displays. The application is seamlessly linked to the overall automation applications, guaranteeing efficient collaboration between plant management and plant control.

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