Better power plant fleet performance

Valmet DNA Asset Monitoring

Valmet DNA Asset Monitoring is a powerful cloud-based application for the remote and centralized monitoring of fleet performance and availability. For EPC suppliers, corporation management or other parties, this advanced tool provides all necessary elements for efficient and secure fleet data monitoring, from plant-level control to fleet-level KPI reports.

Improved visibility of fleet performance

Enhanced remote service capability

Availability of best fleet management practices

Automatic KPI calculations and reports

Optimized fleet performance and maintenance planning

Valmet DNA Asset Monitoring is a modular solution that can be adapted to meet changing business targets and needs. The basic scope of the application includes secure data collection and transfer from plant-level to a centralized system and performance calculations, benchmarking, reports and data analyzing tools.

The solution enables centralized remote monitoring to help improve fleet performance optimization and provides tools for proactive maintenance planning. The application provides KPIs for key process areas and can be used to collect automatic performance reports and alarms for process specialists.

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Best practices improve fleet performance

Valmet DNA Asset Monitoring application can be used to efficiently identify and share best practices. Management can easily compare KPIs between sites to discover the most cost-efficient and effective ways to operate the process. Role-specific dashboards for HQ, plant managers, maintenance teams or other parties provide only selected data to different user groups.

Valmet DNA Asset Monitoring can be connected to a Valmet Performance Center, the channel to all Valmet Industrial Internet applications and services.

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