Unique automation modernization concept for any power plant

Control system retrofit with Valmet DNA DCS

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Valmet’s unique retrofit concept makes it possible to easily upgrade an existing control system for any power plant. Implementation replaces an obsolete or underperforming system with a transparent, modern automation solution. The latest intelligent automation features can significantly improve a plant’s performance, reliability, availability, energy efficiency and other key operational factors, while at the same time extending the plant’s life cycle.

Optimized control of all plant processes

Improved profitability with increased production quality and capacity

Energy, raw material and fuel cost savings

Minimized unplanned shutdowns and enhanced safety

More than just an automation system

With a wide range of functional features and tools, Valmet DNA extends control system capabilities beyond automation alone. Among other things, it provides technical descriptions, interlocking pictures and trends, troubleshooting, easy reporting and documentation.

This unique easy-to-implement retrofit concept allows the retention of existing components, such as field cables and cabinets. In addition, it provides for operational simplification by combining all standalone PLCs and other black boxes into one open DCS. The latest control system is more user-friendly and transparent than traditional automation systems.

Customer-centric approach

Valmet’s agile retrofits are tailored to meet customer- and project-specific requirements. The standard retrofit delivery is a carefully managed migration that includes all key components, automation updates, basic engineering, installations and process support.

Retrofitting an existing automation system with Valmet DNA is a simple way to boost the power plant’s total efficiency.

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Would you like to find out more about our automation retrofit concept?

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