Valmet Wrapper Folder

Wrapper folder

Valmet Wrapper Folder is a folding machine that produces finished bales wrapped in pulp sheets or rolled paper. This proven design produces smart, uniform finished bales and has well-documented high availability from its use at well over one hundred mills around the world.

Ensures consistently precise folding

Accurate bale positioning

Easy maintenance

Proven, robust design

Accurate bale positioning

Bales positioning also plays a decisive role in the precision of the folding process and the resulting final appearance of the bale. The high accuracy of bale positioning offered by the Wrapper folder ensures consistently precise folding.

Efficient maintenance

The machine is designed for easy and rapid maintenance and service, as the service points can be accessed from floor level. Efficient maintenance is a key factor in the machine’s excellent and well-documented record for high availability.

A robust solution

Based on a design optimized for infinite fatigue lifetime of moving parts, the Wrapper folder has proved to be a robust and reliable solution, offering consistently high productivity in baling lines over a long service life.

Line integration: Baling/Wet lap

The Wrapper folder integrates seamlessly into baling lines as it has the same control system as other Valmet Baling machines. It can also be used in wet lap baling lines.

Our expertise is at your service

Our expertise is at your service

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